PTFE Compression Molding

PTFE compression molded v-ring packing sets are commonly utilized in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, motors, pumps, and valves.

They reduce equipment wear, fluid loss, and frequency of packing changes and are suitable for static or dynamic (linear or rotary) applications. A complete V-ring seal requires at least one V-ring, one male adapter, and one female adapter. The female adapter provides an extra sealing edge.

PTFE Molded V-Ring Packing Sets

225 Series

Originally used as replacements for AN-6225 packings in rubber or leather, this low-profile design has become the industry standard for PTFE packing sets. The included angle on the convex side of each "V"-ring (and the male adapter) is larger than the included angle on the concave side (and the female adapter). Compression of the set causes the lips of the rings to flare in the radial directions, thus creating the desired seal.

625 Series

This higher-profile design minimizes the number of rings needed to fill a stuffing box. The rounded top of each ring forces the lips of the adjacent ring to flare in the radial directions, creating the desired seal. The large void areas permit thermal expansion where binding may be an issue.

825 Series

The thinner "legs" of this higher-profile design allows for sealing with lower compression of the packing set.

1125 Series

The heavier walls and cross-section of this design will withstand higher operating pressures.

1500 Series

This design incorporates an internal rubber "O"-ring as an energizer, which helps compensate for the cold-flow inherent in PTFE under pressure. When properly compressed the rubber component is completely encapsulated and thereby insulated by the PTFE from exposure to undesired substances.

1635 Series - Sanitary Gaskets

Commonly used in food processing for tri-clamp style seals.

1860 Series - Control Valve - Stem Packing Sets

Configured for commonly used control valves, these molded PTFE sets consist of (3) “V”-rings, (1) “M” -ring, (1) “F”-ring and a wiper ring. For lower operating pressure the thinner “legs” of this higher profile design allows for sealing with less compression of the packing set. Our V-Ring packings are suitable for most applications. Component parts are available separately for custom configurations.

Wiper Rings

These notched wiper rings can be used in combination with any of our -25 Series rings. Various configurations are possible to make replacement control-valve packing-sets for many valve manufacturers’ products.

Manifold Spacer Seals

These concentric ribbed manifold seals (gaskets) are used in a variety of applications. They are compression-molded of virgin-grade, unfilled, FDA compliant PTFE.

PTFE resins have excellent physical properties for a wide range of sealing applications. They are essentially chemically inert and have a wide operating temperature. They are pliable, yet resilient. They have a very low coefficient of friction. Unfilled, virgin resins are considered FDA compliant, for use in food-processing equipment such as sanitary or flange gaskets.

PTFE Custom Shapes

Variety of Work

These are some of the many custom shapes we've molded for our customers over the years.

Minor changes can make the difference

Not all shapes can be molded, but in some cases a minor design change can do the trick. We would be pleased to work with you on your special shapes.


Relaxing some close tolerances, ordinarily required for metal parts, generally will lead to cost savings in a molded part.

Stepped Seat
Slotted Valve Seat
Slider Gasket
Self-Cleaning Seat
Bronze Split Ring
Scarf Cut Ring
Guide Ring

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  • V-Ring Packing Sets

  • ID down to 1/4”

  • OD up to 4”

  • Prime Grade PTFE filled and unfilled resins