Injection Molding Thermoplastics

Plastic Injection Molding Capacity

Plastic Injection Molding

We offer plastic injection molding from 28 to 77 tons in-house and out-sourced up to 300 tons, in both horizontal and vertical equipment.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities include single shot, parting line and sprue injection molding, insert molding, encapsulation and over-molding.

Insert Molding - Parkside Industries
Insert Molding - Parkside Industries
Over Molding - Parkside Industries


Proactive Project Requirements Review

Based on production needs, part complexity, and overall product performance, we can advise on mold construction. This enables us to avoid problems, save time, and reduce expense. The results are better efficiency and complete control of the process.

Expert Part Design Assistance

With a team approach involving our customer, mold designer, and mold maker, we identify most problems before they arise.

We utilize local services exclusively from mold design to mold construction.

Solid Modeling

We offer practical design solutions, SLA prototypes, and tooling solutions. We can accommodate many existing customer molds as well as any modifications necessary.


Experience and Expertise

We have extensive experience with ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Polypropylene (PP), Polycarbonate (PC), Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), Santoprene (TPV)  High Density polyethylene (HDPE), Low Density polyethylene (LDPE), Polystyrene (PS)


We frequently work with rubberized resins including Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), as well as high temperature resins such as Ryton (PPS) and work with fiberglass and mineral filled resins.


We coordinate with resin suppliers to ensure proper resin usage, as well as alternatives for cost savings, processing benefits and overall product performance.

Value Added Services

Plastic decorating - Parkside Industries

Plastic Decorating

  • Hot Stamping
  • Heat Transfer
  • Pad Printing
  • Vacuum Plating
Plastic Light Assembly - Parkside Industries

Light Assembly

  • Part Assembly
  • Product Labeling
  • Poly Bagging
Custom Packaging - Parkside Industries

Custom Packaging

  • Clam Shell
  • Retail Applications
  • Header Cards
  • Blister Enclosures

Custom Design

With our experienced personnel and sourcing network, we can custom design a program to suit your manufacturing and budgetary requirements.

Time and Cost Effective

Our in house and contracted value added services are performed in line with production, saving you time and expense.