Case Study #1: "Cubby" & "Kickstarter"


Project: Cubby Storage


Chicago-based design team looking to expand product offerings with a unique storage solution


Initial tooling costs were cost-prohibitive


Bring concept and designed product to the marketplace in budget utilizing a Kickstarter funding campaign.


Customer looking to source production and packaging of new product line.
Customer design did not account for thermal contraction issues due to geometry of product.


Designed gating system and custom cooling fixture to address contraction issues
Outsourced and coordinated production of components beyond the scale of our operation
Assisted in packaging design
Utilized tooling and fixtures made in USA
Another satisfied customer

“Working with Joe was a great experience, especially since injection molding was new for us. As we hit the inevitable bumps in the development process, Joe was dedicated to solving the issues and delivering a product that we were happy with and without breaking the budget. They were able to offer suggestions regarding design modifications, packaging, fasteners, and even distribution; their team made a challenging project fun to work on and successful.”
Bruce T.