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We have gathered some of the more commonly requested information about products molded in PTFE resins, as well as some of the more frequently asked questions about applications. We hope you find this guide helpful and ask that you please contact us for any other information you require.
Section Content Description PDF Page No.
1.1 General Description of Usage Page 3
2.1 Chemical Resistance Page 3
3.1 Special Usage Page 3
4.1 Temperature Range Page 3
5.1 Terminology Page 4
6.1 Surface Finish Page 4
7.1 Tolerances/Dimensioning Page 5
8.1 Interference Fit vs. Nominal Sizing Page 5
9.1 Oval Shaped Parts Page 5-6
10.1 Burrs vs. Parting Line Flash Page 7-8
11.1 FDA compliancy Page 7-8

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